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Sewer chokes in Melbourne

Sewer chokes are common in Melbourne, given that a significant section of its population has been using flushable wipes. Although it serves as an excellent cleaning cloth, drain pipes and sewers are generally not meant to dispose off wipes. Besides, you have tree roots and other debris blocking your stormwater drains and sewers. Particularly, when you have hidden drain pipes underground, the problem keeps mounting.
Well, you keep ignoring your drain pipes to an extent, that the odour becomes unbearable. You look into the system to find patches of water pudding here and there. This time, you go for a professional plumber to fix your sewer chokes in Melbourne.
While this happens to be a common story for most of our clients, we love lending our professional services. Along with this, we advise households on how they can maintain their drains and sewers for longer spans without hiring experts.

What Normally Gets Blocked?

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What causes sewer chokes?

Although you have several factors leading to sewer chokes, we have mentioned three of the most common aspects:

  • Tree roots: We have observed that more than half the cases of sewer chokes have tree roots as the culprit. These roots make their way through loose junctures and hairline cracks in pipes, feeding on water and moisture. As they eventually form complex networks within your sewer, the water flow gets choked.
  • Deteriorating pipes: In case your sewage pipes are old enough, they start deteriorating and crumble from inside. Besides, the rust present in metal pipes further aggravates the condition.
  • Foreign objects: Some items that we find in sewers are actually not to be flushed. Wet wipes, nappies, pads, tampons and cotton buds naturally jam your systems.

Tree Roots

Gardening can be wonderful and fun but it is important to know where your sewer and stormwater drains are laid before planting certain flora. Cracks and spaces in your pipes are especially vulnerable to strong, deep roots and can cause significant damage to your pipe’s health and your wallet! Out of all the blocked drain issues throughout our 20+ years of plumbing experience, tree roots is the number one most common problem.

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Flushing Oils

The most common cause of kitchen sink blockages is oil and waste scraps clogging the drains. Simply DO NOT pour oils down the kitchen sink, but instead pour it into containers to prevent the fats blocking your drain.

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Hygiene Objects

Regardless of wipes and female hygiene products being a kind of tissue, you SHOULD NOT flush them down the drain. We advise our customers to dispose of these into a rubbish bin and to remember that all wipes can cause blockages and issues with your drain.

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Another common blockage problem is quantities of hair blocking drains. This can easily be prevented by using a hair catcher over your drain or simply remove the hairs from the drain after your shower

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Leaves & Debris

Leaves and debris often block stormwater drains. Make sure they’re kept clear. What we recommend to our customers is to place a Protective Gutter Guard or a simple mesh covering over the drain to keep them clean and clear.

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Why us?

At PlumbFirst Melbourne, we offer first-rate plumbing services to handle sewer chokes. Our clients in Melbourne trust us and often seek repeat services. A seamless mix of professionalism, technological edge, industry expertise and commitment to our clients define our profile. Feel free to contact us on 1300 168 832 for reliable plumbing services at reasonable rates.

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