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Hot water servicing in Melbourne

If you own a hot water system at home, you would have to get it serviced occasionally. Even if you buy one of the best hot water systems from a leading brand, it would be malfunctioning at some point of time. Professional hot water servicing can, however, extend the lifespan of your system significantly. In fact, it is advisable to get your system serviced once in a while even if problems are yet to show up. This is because issues in hot water systems do not usually occur overnight. They develop over long periods of time as a result of inadequate care.

Why should you opt for hot water servicing?

Hiring a reputed company that offers hot water servicing in Melbourne can save you from a variety of hassles. Some of these are:

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Minor Service

  • Thermocouple Replacement
  • Burner Cleaner
  • Burner Pressure Test
  • Valveware Check
  • Every 2 Years
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Major Service

  • Minor service and...
  • Gas control or element and thermostat replaced
  • PTR valve changed
  • Anode replaced
  • Every 5 Years
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Anode Replacement

  • Key to hot water longevity
  • Protects tank from corrosion
  • Need to be replaced Every 5 years
  • Maintains tank warranty as per manufacturer's specs
Professional Plumbers

PTR Valve

  • Main safety device from tank expansion
  • Must be pulled and tested every 6 months
  • Replaced every 5 Years

Evidently, the frequency at which you turn to the plumbers in Melbourne for professional services largely determine the performance and lifespan.

Why should you hire us for hot water servicing?

Fast Plumbers

Much of hot water servicing consists of detailed inspection and detection of issues. Our professionals are always thorough with the process. With their stringent tactics, they can identify the slightest faults in a system. Using modern equipment and experience gained over the years, they would repair the system effectively, or suggest a replacement if necessary. To hire our reliable services at PlumbFirst Melbourne, call us on 1300 168 832.

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