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Gas leak detection in Melbourne

Gas is evidently your most convenient, reliable and cheapest source of energy for heating purposes. However, just like any other source of energy, a gas connection can potentially cause hazards in case of accidents or lack of maintenance. If you happen to sense a gas leak in your property, whether from the characteristic smell or from surprisingly high bills, we at PlumbFirst Melbourne are here to help you out. We offer fast and reliable gas leak detection services in your city.
Our emergency services are available round-the-clock. With our prompt response and instant assistance, you can address gas leak issues professionally.

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How to carry out a gas leak detection?

Being a leading gas fitting company, we deploy sophisticated gas leak detection equipment to identify leaks accurately. However, if you want to detect the leakage before we arrive, you may try the following methods:

Try to smell for the odour of rotten eggs, the most prominent characteristic of natural gas supplied to homes.

Listen for a hissing or whistling sound that might be originating from the leak.

Touch the pipes and feel their temperatures. A leaking pipe may be colder due to falling pressure.

If you suspect a particular pipe to be leaking, coat it with soapy water and look for bubbles that the gas would create while pushing out.

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What safety measures should you take?

It is advisable to adopt safety measures and prevent the leak from aggravating, if detection turns out to be difficult. The longer you wait trying to detect the leak, the more hazardous the situation might get. Numerous times, we have successfully carried out gas leak detection in Melbourne and you may entrust the task to us.
We would recommend you to turn off your main gas valve immediately to stop the leakage. To prevent the gas from accumulating in your home, open all the doors and windows. Hire our leak detection services in Melbourne by contacting us on 1300 168 832.

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