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Gas fitting in Melbourne

With the use of natural gas in Melbourne increasing, so is the variety of services that you might need from a gas fitting company. These range from gas line and appliance installations to repairs and evaluations. Now, would it not be beneficial if you could avail all these services from a single service provider? At PlumbFirst Melbourne, we have been offering gas fitting services for quite a while now. Backed by seasoned professionals, we have developed a positive track record over the years. We can, therefore, take care of all your gas fitting requirements.

Plumbers Melbourne

What gas fitting services you might need?

Almost any installation or repair related to the gas connections and appliances in your home come under gas fitting. Some of the gas fitting services for which you might potentially want to hire us are:

Water heaters

Cooking appliances such as gas stoves

Room heating

Installing gas points

Inspection and maintenance


Gas leak detection

Adequately equipped with sophisticated technologies, our team can provide you with all these gas fitting services. Even in case of an emergency such as a gas leak, we are available 24X7 and would be able to assist you immediately. Our gas fitters are licenced and highly trained in their respective fields. You may stay assured that they would execute the needful as fast as possible, without being negligent by any means.

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Why should you hire our gas fitting services?

Due to the hazards that gas can pose if handled improperly, it is mandatory to hire a licensed company for gas fitting in Melbourne. However, as our team is adequately qualified, certified and compliant with all the regulations, you wouldn’t face any legal hassles. We care about the safety of our customers and carry out extensive inspections after carrying out a gas fitting job to rule out the possibilities of leaks. Call PlumbFirst Melbourne at 1300 168 832 to discuss your requirements with us.

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