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Gas point/bayonet installation in Melbourne

Wondering how to use portable gas BBQs or other appliances, bypassing the trouble of refilling your gas bottles regularly? The best alternative is to get a gas point/bayonet installation done in each of the required parts at your home. A gas bayonet is a device that simply allows you to connect or disconnect a gas appliance from the connection. Our comprehensive range of services includes gas bayonet fitting too. Considering that we are a leading gas-fitting company in Melbourne, you may hire us to ensure cost-efficiency and quality.

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How does a gas bayonet work?

As mentioned earlier, a gas bayonet’s function is to provide a connection between your gas supply and your appliances. Here is an overview of how these bayonets work:

Female part: This part of the gas bayonet is located in the wall or the floor, connected to the gas supply line. Thus, the gas pipe supplies gas to the female part.

Male part: The portable gas appliances come with a bayonet hose, with the male bayonet attached on the end. This bayonet fits into the female part like a plug and gets locked in place. When you insert the male bayonet into the female one, it automatically opens up the gas port in the latter.

Bayonet covers: It isn’t obligatory to use a bayonet cover. However, installing one of these on your female port would prevent dirt or bugs from getting in.

We can help you out with a gas point/bayonet installation in Melbourne, providing you with quality components.

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How safe is a gas point/bayonet installation?

As long as the gas point gas point/bayonet installation is compliant with the Australian standards, you would be free from potential risks. Our experts always ensure that the gas bayonets are secure and check for probable leakages. However, like any other gas appliance, regular maintenances can help to prevent any faults or dirt build-up over time. Call us at PlumbFirst Melbourne on 1300 168 832 for a consultation and quote.

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