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Electric hot water systems in Melbourne

Considering the chilly weather conditions in Melbourne, it’s natural for you to install a sophisticated electric hot water system in your home. The leading brands have been coming up with energy-efficient options with various innovative features. As one of the best plumbing companies operating in Melbourne, we professional electric hot water systems servicing, that you may trust. Apart from installation, our services also cover maintenance, checks and repairs.
We are well-known for the professional approach with which we tackle every job. You may rest assured that your hot water system would be in good hands when you hire us.

Which of the electric hot water systems is better: Single Element or Twin Element?

Tank storage systems are basically the traditional form of hot water systems while continuous flow hot water systems are relatively modern. However, both of these have their advantages and disadvantages. Evidently, you need to make a choice, based on your requirements. Have a look at the comparison between the two:

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Single Element Storage Tank

  • Ideal for low demand of hot water
  • Great for under bench tops
  • Mostly used in apartment living or businesses
  • Storage Tank can be Internal or External
  • A safety tray and safety shut off valve is required on all internal hot water services
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Twin Element Storage Tank

  • High demand for hot water
  • Reheat quick recovery unit
  • Off peak timer to improve running costs
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Single Phase Continuous Flow

  • Compact Unit
  • Oly ok for 1-2 fixtures
  • Low demand hot water users
Bathroom Plumbing

3 Phase Continious Flow

  • Top of the range electric hot water
  • Compact unit
  • Can service a full house with multiple bathrooms

How can we assist you?

Bathroom Plumbing

Once you discuss your requirements and budget with us, we would suggest the best electric hot water systems in Melbourne suitable for you. After you choose a system, our experts would get to work as soon as possible and get your system installed. We can also help to extend its lifespan with our quality maintenance services. Simply call us on 1300 168 832 for a consultation and hire our professional services.

We Will Discuss & Provide You an Option Sheet for the Most Cost-Effective Solutions

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We calculate ALL available options for your property

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All Plumbing Needs
Step 1

We gather detailed information about your home to accurately assess your options

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Step 2

We provide a highly detailed Option Sheet that lists every possible solution for your issue.

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Step 3

We’ll confirm your decision before starting any work. Guaranteed on-time professional services

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