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CCTV drain camera inspection in Melbourne

Looking for the least invasive technique to inspect the cause for blocked drains and sewers? At PlumbFirst Melbourne, we deploy CCTV drain camera inspection to detect possible reasons for blocked sewers. No digging up your courtyard and lawn, no extra expenses and guesswork. Blending technology and expertise, our approach to detecting blockage issues largely involves non-disruptive tactics. In case you are looking for a professional plumbing company in Melbourne, we are here to help.
You might be sensing a blocked stormwater drain or sewer lately, particularly with puddles of water accumulating around your home. Besides, the unpleasant odour might remind you of drain blockages you experienced in the past. Our technology-oriented approach involves inserting a CCTV camera inside the drain pipes to get an accurate image of whatever is blocking your system. Eventually, our experts make the next strategic decisions based on the images obtained.

What Normally Gets Blocked?

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When do we carry out a CCTV drain camera inspection?

We generally deploy CCTV drain camera inspection during the inspection process. Here are some of the common instances when this technique proves handy.

  • Locating hidden blockages: Rather than digging up the entire pipe, we lower a drain camera into the sewer. This helps us detect foreign objects such as rubbish, leaves, building materials, etc, that may be congesting the pipes.
  • Tree roots: Often, tree roots jam terracotta sewers, and even PVC pipes. Once we detect these perils using CCTV cameras, we can fix the same.
  • Misalignment: Old pipes often get misaligned due to shifts in the land or faulty installation. In such cases, they result in leaks, which we eventually repair. With sophisticated drain cameras, we can locate possible misalignments.

Tree Roots

Gardening can be wonderful and fun but it is important to know where your sewer and stormwater drains are laid before planting certain flora. Cracks and spaces in your pipes are especially vulnerable to strong, deep roots and can cause significant damage to your pipe’s health and your wallet! Out of all the blocked drain issues throughout our 20+ years of plumbing experience, tree roots is the number one most common problem.

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Flushing Oils

The most common cause of kitchen sink blockages is oil and waste scraps clogging the drains. Simply DO NOT pour oils down the kitchen sink, but instead pour it into containers to prevent the fats blocking your drain.

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Hygiene Objects

Regardless of wipes and female hygiene products being a kind of tissue, you SHOULD NOT flush them down the drain. We advise our customers to dispose of these into a rubbish bin and to remember that all wipes can cause blockages and issues with your drain.

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Another common blockage problem is quantities of hair blocking drains. This can easily be prevented by using a hair catcher over your drain or simply remove the hairs from the drain after your shower

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Leaves & Debris

Leaves and debris often block stormwater drains. Make sure they’re kept clear. What we recommend to our customers is to place a Protective Gutter Guard or a simple mesh covering over the drain to keep them clean and clear.

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Seek professional drain cleaning services

With us, you can rest assured about cost-effective and the least disruptive sewer cleaning services. We incorporate CCTV drain camera inspection in Melbourne to obtain detailed images of blockages and act accordingly. For trusted and professional assistance, reach out to us on 1300 168 832

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